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At Collins Dental, our caring staff of dental professionals is committed to performing dental implants and other procedures for individuals throughout our community. Our dentists in Winter Springs have more than two decades of combined experience, during which we have mastered the art of performing dental implant procedures. Since 2003, we have helped hundreds of patients get the results they desire, and we stand ready to perform your dental implant procedure as well!

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Because the procedure involves anchoring the implant to the patient's jawbone, the surgery is completed in multiple stages. The procedure calls for anesthesia, which our doctors are highly qualified in administering. The healing process is relatively quick, and the procedure will be complete once the replacement teeth, bridge, or overdenture has been attached.

Stages of the dental implant surgery:

  1. Stage one includes burying the implant underneath the gums and flush with the bone. The implant replaces and acts as the root of the tooth. After this stage is completed, there is a healing period to ensure successful integration.
  2. Stage two begins after the healing process. The surgeon removes some of the overlying gum and the abutment is added. The abutment is the post that comes in many forms and holds the prosthetic tooth.
  3. The final stage is completed is completed when the dentist places the prosthetic tooth or teeth on the abutments. The design of the abutment and implant can withstand lots of pressure and wear, making them the desirable choice for many people.

After the procedure, medications will be prescribed to prevent swelling, reduce the risk of infection, and decrease the amount of pain and discomfort the patient may experience. It is essential to maintain a sufficient oral health, in order to ensure that your dental implants last as long and function as properly as intended. This means brushing and flossing around the implants at least twice a day, and following any other specific instructions you are given. To make sure the implants last as long as they are intended to, it is also recommended to schedule routine deep cleanings.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Benefits of using implants to other tooth replacement options:

Tooth Replacements Implants Other Replacement Methods
How long it lasts At least 20 years Up to 10 years
Prevention of bone loss Yes No
Needs periodic adjustments No Yes
Loss risk of adjacent teeth No Yes
Force transmission to Bone Adjacent teeth

Dental implants are not for everyone, and patients must meet several criteria to qualify for this procedure. To start, the patient must be in good health, with the correct bone structure to support the implant. For the implant to function properly, they also must have healthy gums. For these reasons, individuals with chronic dental issues, periodontal disease, or certain health conditions like diabetes, are not good candidates for implants. Our dentists in Winter Springs say that implants are also not recommended for frequent users of tobacco products or alcohol.

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Although it may be intimidating to think about undergoing such an elaborate procedure, you can be confident that our team possesses the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to provide you with the desirable results. No matter what, we strive to create an environment that is welcoming to our patients, so that they can go into their procedure feeling confident and comfortable.

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While dental implants can be a more expensive procedure, we offer our patients flexible payment plans, and financing options are also available. Our patients are always our top priority, and we want every single one to get the beautiful smile and optimal dental health they deserve. In addition, we provide free consultations, so if you would like to schedule yours, call us today!

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