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As individuals begin to lose teeth, whether full or partial, they can become self-conscious about the way they look. Not only this, but their facial muscles begin to change, and their ability to chew food can worsen. This is an unfortunate occurrence, but it isn't something that has to remain permanent. At Collins Dental, we provide individuals with dentures or partials - depending on their exact needs - so they can regain the aesthetics, as well as the ability to chew food and speak normally.

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Benefits of Dentures

Dentures are common thoughts for individuals who have lost a large majority or all of their teeth, or people with teeth beyond repair. When you come to our Winter Springs dentists, we will take the time to give you a full assessment of your situation, determining if dentures are right for you. We will then explain how they work and the procedure itself. If you decide that dentures are the direction you'd like to take, we can begin.

Dentures provide many benefits to individuals, including the aesthetic appeal. Most individuals with aging teeth or gum disease are aware of the appearance aspects, and they often try to find ways to cover them up. The same can be said for individuals who have lost most or all of their teeth. Dentures bring back the natural look of a full set of teeth. They also keep your facial muscles supported.

Why choose partials?

When an individual has a number of teeth missing, but not enough to warrant a full denture, they may begin to look at the options. While implants can be used, partials provide patients with an option that is removable and comfortable.

Some of the benefits of partials include:

  • Supported by existing teeth
  • Fills gaps where teeth are missing
  • Restores natural aesthetics
  • Custom fit to your gums

At Collins Dental, our Winter Springs dentists have over 28 years of combined experience helping patients in need of world-class dentistry care. We are well aware of the practices used to apply dentures and partials, and we are available to help you. We offer financing options so you know that you can have the smile you want without breaking the bank in order to get it.

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