About Collins Dental

Changing Lives One Smile at a Time

At Collins Dental we love coming to work every day. Our team is high-energy and high-compassion. Read on to learn a little more about us.

Meet the Doctors

F.H. Collins III

F.H. Collins III


Dr. Collins was born and raised in a small town in Arkansas and graduated from LSU School of Dentistry in New Orleans in 1998. He served as a Dental Officer in U.S. Navy for four years and completed a one- year Advanced Program in General Dentistry. Dr. Collins moved to Orlando in 2002 and began Collins Dental in early 2003.

Dr. Collins is a Certified Invisalign® Specialist—Premier Dentist, a Certified Lumineers® Dentist, and a Certified Snap-On Smile® Dentist. His professional affiliations include:

Dr. Collins and his wife, Krista, have one daughter, Hannah. Away from the office he enjoys spending time with his family, gardening, cooking, fishing, tending to his chickens, biking, kayaking and college football – especially the LSU Tigers!

Ross Reiter

Ross Reiter


Dr. Ross Reiter was born and raised in East Grand Rapids, MI. He received his undergraduate education in Biomedical Sciences at Western Michigan University. In 2005, Dr. Reiter moved from Michigan to Fort Lauderdale. He received his Doctorate in Dental Medicine from Nova Southeastern University. He moved to Orlando in August 2009. Dr. Reiter is a Certified Invisalign Specialist—Premier Dentist and a member of the Central Florida Implant Study Group. His professional affiliations include:

In his free time, Dr. Reiter enjoys spending time with family, golfing, playing racquetball, and traveling.

Monica Azer

Monica Azer


Dr. Monica Azer was born in Alexandria, Egypt and moved to Oviedo, Florida when she was only 5 years old. Dr. Azer attended the Seminole High School International Baccalaureate Magnet Program. She was then admitted to the prestigious 3+4 year accelerated dental program at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, where she received her Doctorate in Dental Medicine. After dental school, Dr. Azer completed a one-year Advanced Education in General Dentistry at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) where she received the John C. Kois Award for Clinical Excellence. After completing her residency, she moved back to her hometown to serve the community that has molded her so much over the years. Dr. Azer is a certified Invisalign® Specialist—Premier Dentist. Her professional affiliations include:

When she’s not in the office, Dr. Azer is an active member of her church and enjoys outdoor activities including hiking at the national parks and relaxing at the beach. Dr. Azer also enjoys visiting local restaurants and exploring everything Central Florida has to offer!

“I can truly say that before I came to Dr. Collins I was afraid of the dentist. I was very nervous my first visit and the team members were so gentle and understanding of my fears. They were very thorough and helped me to understand what was happening with my dental health. I would highly recommend anyone to see Dr. Collins and his team.”


Meet our Amazing Team


Director of Business Operations

Catherine grew up in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Florida, and graduated from UCF with a Bachelor of Science in Business.  Catherine and her husband Jeff have been married for 22 years and have a son, Jordan, who attends Seminole State and daughter, Sarah, who attends Oviedo High School.  They lived in Arizona for 15 years where Catherine spent several years working in the Healthcare and Technology Industries as a product manager. When her children were little, she worked as a substitute teacher.  She has been the Director of Business Operations for Collins Dental for 5 years and a team member for 8 years.  Catherine and her family enjoy spending time on the weekends with their extended family, at sports events, trying Mexican restaurants, traveling and supporting their church through ministry, service, and outreach.

Fun facts from Catherine

  • My personal hero is… my husband. He is my strongest supporter and encourager and my most honest critic. He helps me keep everything in perspective.
  • I love it when I see people being kind, respectful and encouraging of one another.
  • When I am not at work… I am being a mom and wife-and petting my rabbit, Foof!
  • My most used phrase is… “How amazing is that?”
  • I am always singing or humming… all kinds of music/songs! I love all genres from Classical-Rock, Jazz, and Christian.
  • My favorite part of my job is… seeing our team members loving and caring for our patients and one another.
  • I have the most amazing… family.

I’m most proud when… I hear our patients pay us an unsolicited compliment!  That is why we are here — to love and serve our patients!


Operations Manager

Lizbeth was born and raised in Chicago, IL, but traded in the snow for sand in 2013. She spends most of her free time doing home improvement, chasing her two sons, exploring new beaches with her husband, and lounging by the pool. Her favorite part about being in dentistry is seeing the boost of confidence and joy when a patient completes a cleaning or treatment.

Fun facts from Lizbeth

  • My personal hero is… my Mother. Sounds like a total cliché, but she truly is a remarkable woman who takes on the world with a confident smile and graceful elegance. I want to be just like her when I grow up.
  • I love it when… people pay it forward. There is something so gratifying about doing a nice gesture for a complete stranger and making their day.
  • When I am not at work…I’m binging something on Netflix or working out at Orange Theory… sometimes both in one night!
  • My most used phrase is… “Woosaaah” for those of you who have seen Bad Boys, the movie.
  • I am always singing…. these days, I can’t seem to get the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song out of my head. I even find myself saying “oh Toodles” in my head when I need help with something.
  • My favorite part of my job is…Seeing a patient’s confidence boost when they complete treatment. Having a patient walk in not wanting to smile is heartbreaking, but when they leave and want to smile and laugh again, that’s the moment I feel proud to be part of this amazing team.
  • I have the most amazing… Husband! He is always so supportive, encouraging, and makes me laugh all of the time.  Not to mention he does all of the cooking and changes his fair share of diapers!


Lead Certified Registered Dental

Haley is a true Florida girl as she was born and raised in the Longwood/Lake Mary area. She graduated from Lake Mary High School in 2008 and went on to study Health Sciences at the University of Central Florida. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree from UCF, Haley attended dental hygiene school at Valencia College and graduated in May 2015. One day, she plans to gain a Master’s degree in non-profit management and start her own non-profit in the Central Florida community. She has been working for Collins Dental since 2015 and plans for many more years to come. When she is not at work, she enjoys exercising, baking, going to the beach, watching sports (especially the Steelers and UCF Knights), going to concerts, and spending time with family, friends, her husband Erik, and her cat Steel.

Fun facts from Haley

  • My personal heroes…are my parents. My parents are the most selfless, giving, kind, and supportive people in the world. Through life’s ups and downs, heartaches, and triumphs, they have always been my biggest cheerleaders. I am grateful to have the amazing relationship I do with them now as an adult.
  • I love it when… people smile.
  • When I am not at work… I am at the gym, baking yummy treats, or snuggling with my cat.
  • My most used phrase is… “What’s up monkey butt” (to my husband or cat).
  • I am always singing… random 90’s music or Christmas tunes, depending on the time of year.
  • My favorite part of my job is… seeing patients smile who have not been able to in a long time.
  • I have the most amazing… husband.
  • I’m most proud when… patients succeed in bettering their oral health. Makes my job even more worth it!

Sarah B.

Certified Registered Dental Hygienist

Fun facts from Sarah B.

  • My personal hero is- my husband, he always believes in me with everything I do, and is always there for me no matter what.
  • I love it when…my kids tell me they love me for no reason at all.
  • When I am not at work… I am with my boys (husband included) lol!  My family is my world!  My sons, Mason and Dylan, are the best things that ever happened to me and I love being a mom more than I can even describe.
  • My most used phrase is, “don’t do that please” or “share with your brother”- you know, typical mom life!
  • I am always singing….bedtime lullabies, every night.
  • My favorite part of my job is…helping people get healthy and stay healthy and getting to talk with and get to know new people every day!
  • I have the most amazing…family. My whole family is amazing.  My parents and in-laws help us with our boys, and my sister is always there for me.  We are all very close and I am so very blessed to have such an awesome family.
  • I’m most proud when…my kids are kind to others and are sweet to each other.


Certified Registered Dental Hygienist

Stephanie was born and raised in Orlando, FL. She spends most of her free time cheering on her children in their extracurricular activities. When she isn’t sitting at the dance or karate studio, she enjoys going to the beach. Her favorite part of dentistry is being able to help patients achieve a smile they deserve and can be proud of.

Fun facts from Stephanie

  • My personal hero is my Dad. He is the most determined man I know. He has made the best out of the worst situations and has taught me that no matter how many times you get knocked down, you get back up and keep trying.
  • I love it when people compliment other people. Sometimes just a simple compliment can change someone outlook for the day. Be kind–always!
  • When I am not at work, I am busy being a karate and dance Mom. If I am not at karate or dance, you can find me at a beach somewhere or getting pampered at the salon.
  • My most used phrase is “brush your teeth” or “here, use this hand sanitizer!” Those of you with children understand where I am coming from.
  • I’m always singing Taylor Swift songs. It’s my guilty pleasure.
  • My favorite part of my job is seeing the smile makeovers and being able to be a part of the journey.
  • I have the most amazing husband and children. My husband is always so supportive, no matter how crazy my ideas are. My kids inspire me daily to be a better person and they always make me proud.


Certified Registered Dental Hygienist

Devin was born and raised here in Winter Springs, Florida. Growing up in a family of chiropractors, Devin knew she wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. Upon high school graduation, she actively pursued a career in Dental Hygiene. Devin attended Daytona State College, where she served as Class President.

After several years of commuting to school, she is excited to plant herself back in her hometown and serve the Winter Springs community. Currently, Devin’s free time is going towards planning her wedding this upcoming fall. She enjoys attending group fitness classes with her fiancé and friends.

Fun facts from Devin

  • My personal hero(es) are the men in my life…my fiancé and dad. They supported me throughout the craziness of hygiene school and always brighten my spirits after a long day!
  • I love it when I get to travel to new places with my fiancé!
  • When I am not at work I am running errands, taking some type of exercise class, or cozied up on the couch watching my shows.
  • My most-used phrase…”It is what it is” or “Everything happens for a reason”. I truly believe in making the most of every situation!
  • I am always singing all types of music…although I can’t promise it’s always the correct lyrics.
  • My favorite part of my job is teaching my patients things they never knew about their mouths & seeing them smile, of course!
  • I have the most amazing support system! My family & friends are always encouraging me to be the best version of myself.
  • I am most proud when I cook a dinner that people actually enjoy.


Certified Registered Dental Hygienist

Tasha is a Certified Registered Dental Hygienist who has been providing patients with beautiful, healthy smiles for more than sixteen years. Her passion for the dental field began right out of high school when she was hired as a front desk receptionist in a dental practice. From there, she trained as a dental assistant, and after nearly nine years as a lead dental assistant, she chose to further her career in the dental field. She attended Valencia College’s Dental Hygiene Program, where she graduated top clinician and first in her class with an Associate of Science in Dental Hygiene degree. Additionally, she graduated Magna Cum Laude from St. Petersburg College with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene degree. When she is not treating patients at Collins Dental, Tasha extends her experience and knowledge to dental hygiene students as a dental hygiene instructor. In her free time, you can find her somewhere outdoors with her two daughters, Kaylee and Alyssa. They spend a lot of time at the softball field and the cheer gym but take trips to the beach any chance they get.

Fun facts from Tasha

  • My personal hero is my mom. I attribute everything I am and all I have accomplished to the role model she was for me!
  • I love it when people are nice to one another.
  • When I am not at work, I am somewhere in the outdoors, having fun with my daughters.
  • My most-used phrase changes over time. But my current one is: “it is what it is.” My personality does not allow me to be carefree, but I am working at not being such a worrywart all of the time.
  • I am always singing anything country. Music is my therapy, and concerts are my favorite. People tell me I have the voice of an angel : ) –or not!
  • My favorite part of my job is making people smile, even after they tell me this is their least favorite place to be. I love my patients and the relationships I build year after year of treating them.
  • I have the most amazing daughters (depending on the day)!
  • I’m most proud when my daughters do things to make me proud. They are both so caring and kind to others and it just makes my heart happy.


Certified Registered Dental Hygienist

Wendi was born and raised in Valparaiso, Indiana, but when her fiancé accepted a job offer here in Florida, she decided to throw out the winter boots for permanent warm weather.  She graduated from Indiana University, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene with a Minor in Science.  Wendi chose dentistry because she loves meeting new people and making a difference in their smiles.

Fun Facts from Wendi

  • My personal heroes are my parents. They are always there to keep pushing me, even when times get rough.
  • I love it when I go on vacation to a new place that I have never seen before.
  • When I am not at work, I am exploring more of the new place I call home or at home spending time with my fur babies.
  • My most used phrase is “Let it be”. Everything happens for a reason, and it’s not always in our control.
  • I am always singing any type of music–if it has a great tune I will always hum along.
  • My favorite part of my job is watching my patients grow and improving their health.
  • I have the most amazing family and friends. Most of them are in Indiana, but I’m making many new friends in Florida.
  • I’m most proud when I accomplish tasks. I love making lists and having the satisfaction of crossing things off.

Sarah H.

Lead Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Sarah was born in Detroit, MI, and received her Bachelor of Health Sciences from the University of Central Florida and her National Board Certified Dental Assistant through DANB. Sarah grew up in Central Florida working for her father’s dental office in a variety of roles. Sarah has worked within many dental specialties, including orthodontics, pedodontics, oral surgery, and general dentistry.


Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Tabitha grew up in Long Island, NY. She moved to Florida 30 years ago and considers herself a native. Tabitha went into dentistry because she enjoys caring for and helping people. In her spare time, she likes to take local Florida adventures with her husband and son, going to the beach, reading, and playing with her dogs, Jazy and Baxter.

Fun facts from Tabitha

  • My personal hero is my dad.
  • I love it when a plan comes together!
  • When I am not at work I’m spending time with my family or reading a good book.
  • My most used phrase is, “it is what it is.”
  • I am always singing in my head because I’m tone deaf!
  • My favorite part of my job is the ability to help people.
  • I have the most amazing life!
  • I’m most proud when I overcome difficulties!


Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Theresa has spent almost all of her life in Florida. She graduated from DSC with a degree in Dental Assisting. She chose to be a dental assistant because she wanted to change people’s lives and help them to smile. Theresa’s hero is her mother, as she showed her what a strong woman could be and do. Theresa enjoys exercising (running, swimming, biking, and lifting weights) and spending time with her family. Her family includes her two daughters (Ashlyn and Brittany) three dogs (Eddie, Rosco, Sadie) and her husband (Steve) whom she met in high school. Theresa is most proud when she sees her daughters achieve goals, showing that they, too, are becoming strong women.

Fun facts from Theresa

  • My personal hero is my mother.
  • I love it when…I get to spend time with my family.
  • When I am not at work…I am training for a half Ironman, 70.3 miles!
  • My most used phrase is, “can I ask you something?”
  • I am always singing….songs from musicals (or Julie Andrews, Grease, or Pitch Perfect)
  • My favorite part of my job is…that everyone is like family.
  • I have the most amazing…husband, he supports everything I do.
  • I’m most proud when…my kids achieve goals they have made.


Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Mary grew up in Central Florida with her brother and sisters. She joined the Army in 2006 as a communications specialist. Mary was working in retail and met a dental assistant who loved his job and encouraged her to go to school for dental assisting. Mary enjoys caring for her patients and making them happy when they see their smile. In her spare time, Mary likes to spend time with her daughter Sophia, doing crafts, watching movies, eating dinner out, and “mommy-daughter” days.

Fun facts from Mary

  • My personal hero is my mother.
  • I love it when there’s a thunderstorm.
  • When I am not at work I’m spending time with my daughter!
  • My most used phrase is, “it’s gonna be a great day!”
  • I am always singing anything, I love music.
  • My favorite part of my job is my patients.
  • I have the most amazing family!
  • I’m most proud when I can make someone happy.


Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Malorie grew up in Yakima, WA, and moved to Florida in 2008. Malorie graduated from University High School in 2014 and very quickly started her college education at Valencia Community College. After obtaining her AA, Malorie decided to pursue her passion for dental assisting at AAA School of Dental Assisting in Sanford, FL. When Malorie is not at work she enjoys renovating her new home and spending time with her family which includes her newly born son, Kenneth, and fur baby, Chesney.  Malorie loves working at Collins Dental because she has the opportunity to help others and make them feel comfortable to be in a dental office.

Fun facts from Malorie

  • My personal hero is my mom because I see how hard she worked to raise my siblings and me now that I have a family of my own.
  • I love it when I make long-lasting memories with my family and friends.
  • When I am not at work I am spending time renovating my new home or spending time with my son.
  • My most used phrase is “God is good!!”
  • I am always singing any country music… especially Kenny Chesney!
  • My favorite part of my job is getting the opportunity to help people every day become healthier or more confident in themselves. I pride myself in knowing that I can help people who have a fear of the dentist become more comfortable in our Collins Dental environment.
  • I have the most amazing little baby boy who lights up my world!
  • I’m most proud when I see my hard work pay off in life to benefit my family and give them a good life.


Expanded Functions Dental Assistant

Nina is originally from Coral Springs, Florida, and moved to Orlando in 2011 to attend Valencia College. A short while after receiving her AA and EMT certification, she realized she wanted to explore a new field of dental healthcare and plans on attending Dental Hygiene school soon! Besides hanging out with her family, she loves playing with her 3 cats: Franklin, Eleanor, and Harley. Nina enjoys kayaking, cooking new recipes, and traveling. Nina also loves to welcome our new patients and familiar friends to our office.

Fun facts from Nina

  • My personal hero is Ellen.
  • I love it when I recognize patients outside of the office.
  • When I am not at work I am trying to talk myself into going to the gym.
  • My most used phrase is “that’s my jimmy jam!”
  • I am always singing the Waitress musical soundtrack.
  • My favorite part of my job is seeing patients’ happiness post-treatment.
  • I have the most amazing group of friends.
  • I’m most proud when I actually finish all my laundry!


Financial Coordinator & Certified Dental Assistant

Jennifer has been in the dentistry field since the year 2000. She has been with Collins Dental since 2006. She was a Certified Dental Assistant for 8 years before moving up front as a Patient Care Coordinator and Financial Coordinator. She has 3 little girls (Kendall, Karrigan, and Kaylen) who are very active in Cheerleading and Gymnastics. Jennifer is a native Floridian. When she’s not at work, she enjoys scuba diving, boating, and riding horses.

Fun facts from Jen

  • Her personal heroes are her parents. They are a true inspiration in her life.
  • She loves it when she sees people support each other when they need it the most.
  • Her most used phrase is “everything happens for a reason.”
  • She is always singing country songs and whatever her girls are singing 😉
  • Her favorite part of her job is helping people afford dentistry and getting the smile they deserve!
  • She is most proud when her children set out goals and achieve them successfully.


Patient Care Coordinator

Cindy spent her younger years in Colorado before moving to Florida in 2002. On the weekends Cindy enjoys spending time with her daughter, reading her favorite author Philippa Gregory, and most of all planning her next vacation somewhere in Europe.

Fun facts from Cindy

  • My personal hero is my grandmother.
  • I love it when it rains.
  • When I’m at work I’m busy helping patients achieve their smile of a lifetime.
  • My most used phrase is…”OK, buddy”.
  • I am always singing… “Kiss” by Prince.
  • My favorite part of my job is interacting with patients.
  • I have the most amazing daughter.
  • I’m most proud when my daughter achieves her goals.


Patient Care Coordinator/Financial Coordinator Assistant

Debi is an RN with an associate degree from Valencia College. She has over thirty years of experience in healthcare, including prior experience working as an Administrative Assistant in a dental office while living in Georgia. A native of State College Pennsylvania, she is a huge Penn State football fan!  When she is not at work Debi enjoys spending time with her family and friends, as well as reading, binge-watching shows on Netflix and gardening.

Fun facts from Debi

  • My Personal Hero is my father.  He always had time for his family while still managing his Veterinarian Practice.
  • I love it when people show random acts of kindness. I love to pay it forward.
  • My most used phrase is “You get what you give.”
  • I am always singing along to the POP Rock station on the radio while driving in my car.
  • My favorite part of my job is getting to know the patients.
  • I have the most amazing team members and Dentists that I am fortunate to work for and with.
  • I’m most proud when I get positive feedback from our patients.