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Whether you need an extraction, implant, full-mouth reconstruction or bone graft, Doctors Collins, Reiter and Azer can serve you in the same caring and compassionate environment that you’ve come to know and trust.


Winter Springs and Orlando-Area Oral Surgery from Gentle Professionals Who Care about Your Comfort

When patients need high-level dental care like oral surgery, they shouldn’t have to endure the fear that comes from meeting a new practitioner or adjusting to a new office and a new team. Whether it’s time for an extraction, implant placement, bone graft or full mouth reconstruction, Collins Dental provides personalized care and clinical excellence in the same comfortable environment that you already know.

Antibiotics and Your Heart

Implant Placement

Our doctors are members of both the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and the Central Florida Implant Study Group. This allows us to provide top quality care to our implant patients. Implants are an ideal choice for patients who want to replace one or more missing teeth while preserving the integrity of the jawbone, full oral function, and a beautiful smile.

Implants use materials to replicate both the form and function of a natural tooth. Patients who are concerned about the appearance of their smile can take an active role in ensuring that the shape and color of the implant matches their personal aesthetic sense. These durable tooth replacements allow people who’ve suffered tooth damage to lead full and happy lives.

What to expect

Implant procedures take two visits, but both parts of the procedure will be performed in our office, by your trusted Collins Dental team. In the first visit, the surgical implant is placed in the jaw. This mimics the form and function of the roots of the tooth, and prevents instability and weakness. In the second part of the procedure, the crown is placed on the implant. This second step is not surgery, and also occurs in the office. Members of the Collins Dental Plan enjoy significant savings on dental implants.

If you’re recently received an implant from Collins Dental, please review our post-procedure care instructions for dental implants.


“Dr. Collins dental office is absolutely fantastic. Each and every worker is there to help you even in the smallest dental matter. To the perfectionist that I am, my teeth have always been a point of concern. Upon getting my porcelain veneers they worked with me until I was completely satisfied. They helped me with wonderful support and a real desire to make me happy along with a true joy in helping me achieve my dental perfection. I could rattle on and on about how wonderful all you folks are but let me just leave it at , YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!! Thanks for everything!”



The team’s commitment to compassionate, gentle dentistry allows patients to relax throughout the tooth extraction process. Digital imaging technology combined with detail-oriented clinicians ensures that a tooth will not be extracted unless it is truly the right choice to improve the patient’s dental health and oral function. Our pre-procedure injections are pain-free, and oral or nitrous oxide sedation are available to ensure a gentle and trauma-free procedure.

If you’ve recently had an extraction performed, please follow the post-procedure instructions for tooth extraction to ensure complete healing.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Rebuilding confidence

You deserve a smile that gives you confidence and joy. Even if you had that smile in the past, life events may have taken it from you. To help our patients live happy and fulfilling lives, Collins Dental offers full mouth reconstructive procedures. If you had health challenges, suffered an accident, or have just never been happy with your smile, Collins Dental can help. We offer personalized smile planning for our cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry patients. Financing for your reconstruction is available through our in-house dental plan or third party partners.

Bone Grafting

Dental implants involve three parts. The crown, which is the new, engineered tooth that everyone sees, the abutment, which connects the crown to the implant, and the titanium screw, which anchors the implant in your jawbone just as the roots anchor a tooth. In some cases, a patient can benefit from dental implants, but their jawbone has become too thin to support the titanium screw. There’s nowhere to anchor the implant.

Because dental implants are such an effective and aesthetically pleasing tooth-replacement technology, Collins Dental uses the bone grafting technique to make the procedure available to a larger group of patients. The doctor places a piece of artificial bone in the jaw. This artificial bone helps stimulate the growth of new bone cells and heals the jawbone. After the graft has healed, the doctor can place an implant to replace the missing tooth. Collins Dental performs bone grafts in-house, so that patients don’t have to cope with referrals to outside surgeons, and our full range of anesthesia and sedation options are available for the procedure. Members of our Collins Dental Plan receive discounts on treatments. Or, patients may use any of our third-party financing partners.

If you have recently had a bone graft from Collins Dental, please review the post-procedure care instructions for bone grafts.

Flexible Financing

We believe every patient deserves the support they need to get healthy. If you have questions about third party financing, our knowledgeable Patient Coordinators are ready to answer your questions.

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