Posted on December 31st, 2017

We hope you reflect fondly on 2017, and welcome the possibilities that a new year brings!

With a new calendar year comes a renewal of your benefits! We hope you were able to use up your valuable 2017 insurance plan benefits before December 31. As 2018 comes to a start, we urge to think ahead and make a commitment to your oral health.

Call today to schedule your twice-yearly dental cleanings for a time that works best for your schedule. Have questions? Discuss your dental plan with one of our Patient Care Coordinators. Our team can help you decide the best way to make good use of your hard-earned benefits.

Did you discontinue your employee benefits and are looking for a better option? Did you know we have our own in-office membership plan, Collins Dental Plan? Let us help you get the healthy smile you want!

We welcome the opportunity to serve you for another year, and look forward to seeing you very soon!

Dr. Collins
F.H. Collins III
Dr. Reiter
Ross Reiter
Dr. Azer
Monica Azer

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