We believe in safeguarding your smile whether you are on the field or in your bed. Our custom-fitted mouthguards offer both protection during sports and relief from teeth grinding.

Essential Protection for Athletes and Night-Time Relief

Custom Athletic Mouthguards

Engage in sports with confidence! Our tailor-made athletic mouthguards provide optimal comfort and protection. Designed to fit perfectly, they help cushion your teeth during impact, reducing the risk of injuries and enhancing your athletic performance.

Night Guards for Bruxism

Experience relief from bruxism with our custom night guards. If you grind your teeth while sleeping, our night guards prevent potential damage to your teeth and alleviate associated discomfort such as headaches and jaw pain.

  • What are the types of dental mouthguards?

    There are three types of mouthguards, which are listed below:

    1. Stock Mouth Protectors: Ready-to-wear but bulky, offering minimal protection.
    2. Boil and Bite Mouth Protectors: Better fit with improved comfort, available at sports stores.
    3. Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards: Made in our office from impressions of your teeth, these offer the best protection and comfort.
  • What are options for treating TMJ?

    Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is a condition that can cause discomfort and pain in the neck and jaw areas. Some people may also experience a clicking sound when opening or closing their mouth, while others may have a limited range of motion in their jaw.


    Fortunately, there are various ways to alleviate the symptoms of TMJ. These include wearing a temporary night guard to protect your teeth and jaw, avoiding sudden and sharp movements with your jaw, applying ice to your jaw to reduce inflammation, modifying your diet to include softer foods that require less chewing, and practicing relaxation and light stretching techniques to relieve tension in your jaw.

  • Why are mouthguards important in sports?

    There are several reasons why wearing a mouthguard when playing sports is important. First, mouthguards protect against displacing teeth as they help distribute force over all of your teeth, which prevents one or two teeth from bearing the brunt of the blow. They can also protect against injuries to soft tissues and prevent jaw and teeth fractures. Ultimately, mouthguards may help prevent concussions as the padding could lessen the force between the upper and lower rows of teeth and lessen the force of the jaw as it pushes on the skull.

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